U of MN Bike Center Still On Track After Adjustments

We originally told you about the University of Minnesota’s drive to build a bike center on campus a few weeks ago.

But in the weeks since that time, we have learned a little bit more about the history of the project and its current state.  Apparently it has not all been smooth sailing riding since the original announcement and planned opening last fall on campus.  In August contractor bids came back a little bit too high, which required downsizing the project.  Also the many miles of red tape that accompany any public project at a public institution were in full force for this project.

After all of that, though the project seems to be moving full steam ahead with construction possibly starting as early as the end of this month.  New bids are due tomorrow (Tuesday) and assuming no more surprises are in store, the whole project should take about 10-12 weeks to complete.

The bike shop component of the project will be run by the Hub Co-op and marks their third store (all within a three-mile radius).

You can check out more about this project in an article published in the Minnesota Daily. Inexplicably the article somehow ends up with this quote from the President of the University of Minnesota “A lot of cyclists feel like they don’t have to follow the rules of the road”.  We’re still trying to figure out how it is relevant, but give it a read then try to justify it in our comments.

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One Response to U of MN Bike Center Still On Track After Adjustments

  1. john says:

    It’s a quote from the president of the U “cycling team”. Still, your point about it having nothing to do with the rest of the article is well taken.

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