Weekend Cycling Events: A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Hey did you know that you can find out what’s going on any day of the week just by checking out our events calendar?  It’s true, and it is just a logo click away (the logo on the top right).

Weekend Cycling Events


3 Speed Hub Rebuild Class; Jim at Hiawatha Cyclery is out to teach you how to keep the magic inside the 3 speed hub when you rebuild it.  Seriously, without help don’t even think about cracking one of those things open.  You have to be registered so give them a call to see if any spots are left.

Saint Valentine’s Day Hustle; Eager to cross the border into Wisconsin and still haven’t gotten you fill of ice racing?  We would no to both of those questions, but not much else is going on, so head to Menomonie if you want.  Registration at Noon race at 2:00.


Twin Cities Bike Swap; Really, at this point what else can we say? We’ve told you how excited we are, and given you tips on being successful.  Just don’t trying fighting us over parts.  $5 entry, doors open at 9:00, get there early and stay late.

National Sports Center Indoor Grass/Criterium Racing; You’re already going to be up in Blaine for the swap meet, so why not make a day of it?  The ongoing grass racing series continues Sunday night starting at 9:00.  Maybe it will be your first chance to test out that new bike you just picked up.


Did we miss anything?  Let us know!


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