Winter Commuter: Meet Liesl

We didn’t get this out in time to post last week during our Salute to the Winter Commuter, but there are some great tips in here so read on and meet Liesl!




Name: Liesl

Age: 52!

Occupation: Museum education administrator.


1) 2006 Rivendell Saluki (2 shots below; one is a rare one in the snow),

2) 2009 Rivendell Protovelo,

3) 2011 Bike Friday Pocket Rocket,

4) 1986 Trek 620 (posed photo below; I don’t usually wear a pack) 1998 Kona Firedome

Winter Bike: 1986 Trek 620

Local Bike Shop: The Hub & Hiawatha Cyclery

Days you ride per year: Well, my goal is to commute to work 1 to 4 times per week.

How far is your commute?: 20 miles round-trip

Best part of riding in winter: I just love the sense of adventure.  Most folks out there riding are so hardy.  It’s not about speed or high pedaling revolutions.

Worst part of riding in winter: Ruts, especially of the black ice variety.

Any tips for someone looking to get into winter riding?

1) Wear wool.

2) Dress like a cross-country skier.

3) Choppers work great.

4) Big platform pedals.

5) Wipe your bike down (remember snow and salt are really hard on bikes).


What do you wear for winter riding: Okay, here it is from stem to stern!

Base layer:  wool boxers, silk long sleeve undershirt, midweight longsleeve wool 1/4 zip, midweight long johns, mohair socks!  Then:  Norwgian ski sweater if it’s below 20 or pendleton wool button short if it’s above 20 with a Filson wool vest over it (the filson is my most used cold weather bike garment); baggie longish shorts on the bottom; steger mukluks on the feet. If it’s slushy snow or really cold, a wind-proof  anorak (see orange anorak in photo below); wool lined deerskin choppers with a homemade mitten leash (see photo demonstration). wool ski cap on head, wool neck gater, bright helmet, and eye protection; goggles if it’s wicked cold.

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