Minneapolis Riverfront New Design Includes New Cycling Routes

For the past few months the City of Minneapolis has been reviewing proposals for a complete re-design of a huge part of the city’s waterfront.  On November 8th of last year, the city named 4 finalists for the project and made their proposals public.  How big is this project? 220 acres, basically from the Stone Arch Bridge all the way North to the Minneapolis city limits.

Today the City of Minneapolis announced the winning design for the bid by a firm out of Berkeley California.  As a cyclist why should you care about this?  Well, part of this project is intended to enhance the parks and trails system, which includes the Grand Rounds (50.1 miles of cycling and recreation paths within the city).

Each of the four design finalists picked a slightly different way to incorporate the existing cycling infrastructure and add to it, however, we don’t know that the end winner was necessarily the best at it.  For our money the best integration was done by Ken Smith out of New York, but either way it looks like more bike paths for the northern part of the city.  Maybe now they can get some more bike shops up there.

Check out the full plan of the winning team’s design here (be patient it takes a while to load).  Or check out the extremely cheesily music’d video here.


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