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Bikes Lined Up Outside 'The Bank' Stadium


When it comes to finding out cycling news in and around the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, CTC reader, cycling advocate, and MPLS Bike Love Forum user Hokan is on top of it.

Coming this spring and summer, people who ride in the area are going to notice some pretty big changes to the traffic structure on campus.

With the addition of the commuter bike hub and the coming Central Corridor you are going to have to stay on your toes.  We will do our best to keep you updated throughout the transitions this year so as always keep checking, but here is some information from around the web;

– Parts of Washington Ave will be bike and pedestrian only starting in May and continuing until 2012, from the Central Corridor website;

“Heavy construction on Washington Avenue on the East Bank will begin after classes end in mid-May. At that time, vehicles will be removed from the avenue between Pleasant and Oak streets during construction. The avenue will be converted into a transit-pedestrian mall from Pleasant to Walnut streets with two tracks in the middle and one lane on each side for emergency vehicles and cyclists. This work will continue through 2012.”

– The University of Minnesota is developing a bike master plan, and will begin giving credits to cyclists via RFID tags.  Hokan (see above) has written up a pretty extensive article on the Minneapolis Bike Coalition’s blog about the coming year.  Why not head over and check it out.

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