Confessions of a Stupor Bowl Virgin (Part I)


On Monday we gave you a brief look at what Stupor Bowl is, and how we covered it.  If you are looking for a really good post about what it is like to race and win this event, head on over to Bike Jerks and check out the post by Jeff.

This following two-part post was our experience.

Stupor Bowl is an event which many people start but very few people actually finish. We decided that since this was our first attempt at covering the event, we would not try to race and snap photos and record information all at the same time, which left us with the ability to join with different riders from stop to stop.

Our day started out over in Uptown trying to be all places at once and covering the Loppet Penn Cycle Ice Race.  Unfortunately the timing of the two events was not ideal, just as the Ice Race advanced final was heating up, Stupor Bowl registration was wrapping up and the race was starting.  Riding into downtown, from Uptown we saw packs of cyclists riding in the opposite direction towards the start (which we hadn’t yet figured out the location of).  It was getting close to start time so we decided to take a chance and hopped on the tail of a line of cyclists heading southwest.

Somehow, and we’re still not sure how, we latched onto the one and only group of cyclists not heading to the start line, but didn’t realize it until they all hopped off their bikes and locked them up outside of the Bulldog in Uptown.  10 minutes to the start time and we decided to rush back down to One on One, registration central, to try to figure out some of the stops along the way.

Luckily Twitter was basically made for events like this.  Without a manifest we were quickly able to determined not only where many of the riders were at any given time, but what the actual stops were.  #Stuporbowl search became our best friend of the day.

Hurl Everstone (@crc_hurl)
2/5/11 2:54 PM
They’re gettin’ ready…

We have to thank Twitter users @lalampls for the continuous information, but lots of people including racers were Tweeting as they went.  Thanks to a well-timed Tweet Picture of the first manifest we managed to get ahead of the group and waited patiently for the first riders to appear at the Varsity Bike Shop in Dinkytown.

Then we waited.  Shortly before the start we learned how immense the group of cyclists would be.

Kayla Dotson (@lalampls)
2/5/11 2:39 PM
345 registered racers for stupor bowl!

345 registered cyclists, short of the number that replied on Facebook, but none-the-less a monster number.

At 10 after 3 we still hadn’t seen our first rider……

Check back tomorrow for Part II.

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