The Almanzo Market [Apply Now]

It takes a looong time to ride 100 miles on Gravel.  It’s just a fact.

Chris Skogen of the Almanzo 100 knows this, and this year while planning the Almanzo 100, he isn’t just thinking about the riders but also the friends and families of the riders. Many of them make the trip to Spring Valley, and then wait, and wait, and wait, for their loved ones to finish.

That’s why he started The Almanzo Market.  From the website;

“The Almanzo Market strives to be the perfect complement to what has quickly become the greatest gravel road bicycle race in the Nation, the Almanzo 100. Designed as a casual bazaar, we hope that The Almanzo Market quenches your thirst for all things excellent. Featuring handmade crafts and goods from around the Upper-Midwest, this open-air emporium will leave you wondering why it didn’t exist before now. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”

Are you a crafter or vendor that wants in?  You have to apply here.  Check it out!

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