Weekend Event Re-Cap [Part III]: Stupor Bowl

Okay confession time.  Stupor Bowl XIV was our first time experiencing all things Stupor, and all that can be said is wow.  With that in mind we have been trying to come up with a unique way to provide coverage of the event.

First what we won’t be posting;

– High quality photo gallery.  Within our post about Stupor Bowl we will have some pictures but they are going to fail both in quality and quantity in comparison to what can be found elsewhere.  In fact, at one stop there were almost an equal number of people with DSLR cameras as there were with bikes.  Want some good photos?  Start with Levi Mpls’ set on Flickr. Then head over to the other must see Flickr set from I Bike MPLS.

– We aren’t going to re-list the podium from the race, I Bike MPLS has already done this, with pictures to boot!

– We aren’t going to give you a re-cap of what it was like to race in this year’s Stupor Bowl because a) we didn’t race and b) you will get a much better account from the winner of the race over at Bike Jerks (congratulations Jeff!).

– We can’t provide you with the full list of stops and the best ways to go between them, but Zebrakeys of the MPLS Bike Love forum can, check out his map here.

– We can’t bring you a historical retrospective of the Stupor Bowl, that has already been done by Nathaniel Freeman.  If you have some time check it out;

What we can do is give you our experience this year.  It is an experience that every single person to ever participate in the Stupor Bowl has had.  The first time.

Tomorrow; True Confessions of a Stupor Bowl Virgin.  Check back.

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