Star Tribune’s Cycling Coverage

Over the weekend the Star Tribune was packed with cycling news and information.  Lets take a look and what they had to say;

Bike use up, accidents down; Great article which confirms what many have been saying for years, the more cyclists on the roads commuting, the more familiarity drivers have, the less cyclist vs. car accidents reported.  We will let you click the link to read the report for yourself, but one important fact; nine bikers were killed in vehicle crashes in 2010.  Accidents happen but that is nine too many.

Coverage of the Arrowhead 135; So here at CTC we didn’t cover the Arrowhead 135 because it didn’t happen in the Twin Cities and we weren’t going to make it there, but it is a kick-ass event.  The Star Tribune provided some impressive coverage for the brutal bike race including both a front page story on it and a great video.  Unfortunately the article is hidden behind the Star Trib’s online pay/ subscriber wall, so you won’t be able to read it if you aren’t a subscriber, but you can always try to find a copy of the Sunday paper still floating around today.  The video is posted on-line, and it is wonderfully done, so check that out.

Overall an impressive weekend of cycling coverage from the Strib, nice work folks!

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