Weekend Cycling Events: Racing, Racing and Racing


Let the Countdown Begin!

Want something to do other than watching 48 hours of pre-game coverage followed by the Super Bowl?

We got ‘ya covered.

Weekend Cycling Events



Ice Race III – The Grandaddy of them All; City of Lakes Loppet. Hollywood calls this race his baby and we are sure after last week’s results he will have some added incentive to kick ass.  This should be fun, and might be your last chance to check out Ice Racing this winter.  It’s a lot of fun.

Registration is closed, so if you haven’t already signed up you are going to be a spectator at this one.

Stupor Bowl XIV– If you’ve never experienced Stupor Bowl before, either as a spectator or as a rider, do it, it’s gonna be nuts.  12:00 check-in starts at One on One Bicycle Studio 3:00 mayhem begins.


No-Name Alleycat Race; If you could you care less about watching the Super Bowl, and aren’t too hungover/ burnt out from Stupor Bowl then head to the No-Name Alleycat.

Meet at the Father Hennepin Park Bandshell near the East end of the Stonearch Bridge at 6:30.  Manifests will be distributed at 6:45 P.M., race will start at 7:00 pm.

This one is straight out of the MPLSBikeLove Forums so follow the link and head over there for more details.


Did we miss anything?  Let us know!

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