Winter Bike Commuters Around the World

As much as we would like to think that the Twin Cities holds dominion over winter bike commuting, unfortunately we don’t.  Across the US and around the world cyclists are enjoying their wintertime rides, we wanted to share some of those stories, rides and pictures with you, check them out;

United States:

Boston; As you are all aware, the East Coast has gotten pummeled this year with snow. Lauren Hefferon shot this video on her way to Yoga on Tuesday in Boston, Massachusetts, because you can’t let a little bad weather stop you.  Enjoy Lauren’s video and positive self-talk.

Duluth; Doug has an ambitious goal, he wants to cycle year ’round in Duluth.  He is documenting his various round trips on the blog MnBicycleCommuter and has a seriously stunning view on his way into work.  It has been a couple of weeks since Doug has posted, but hopefully he is still riding.

New York City; When it comes to bike blogs, nobody does it quite like BikeSnobNYC.   Love him or hate him, you have to admit he will take any topic and put his own personal twist on it.  Check out this post about the Indignity of Commuting by Bike

Anchorage; If they can do it there, you can do it here.  At least you don’t have to worry about getting chased and mauled by a bear in Downtown Saint Paul.


Copenhagen, Denmark; Check out the picture gallery that goes along with this article. Copenhagen again demonstrates why they are the worldwide cycling Mecca.

Russia; Say what you will about Russian ingenuity, they make they do with what they’ve got.  You didn’t think that a little snow would stop them from riding did you? Enjoy the ride through Russia’s back country with a soundtrack of techno music.

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