Salute to the Winter Commuter: Wednesday Motivation

Yehuda Moon Comic by Rick Smith

Let’s be honest, chances are if you are reading posts on this website, in the middle of February, in Minnesota, you are a bicycle enthusiast.  As an enthusiast do yourself a favor and bookmark, or stick into your RSS reader, the cartoon Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery by Rick Smith.

On Monday and Tuesday, we provided a little motivation with video shot in other parts of the world, showing people on their bikes in wintertime.  Today we decided to go into a fictional world for a little motivation.  Yehuda and the cast of merry characters usually ride no matter what (see comic below).  The comic up top was today’s entry by Rick and it pretty much nails our experience of winter commuter on the head.  Driving to work increases your blood pressure and basically just pisses you off.  Cycling to work releases endorphins and basically makes you happy, you have no choice it is a chemical reaction.

Head on over to the website and if you’ve never been there before, start with the first comic.  Word of warning, only start when you have some time to kill, we posted this in the late afternoon for a reason, they are addicting!

Yehuda Moon by Rick Smith


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