Winter Commuter: Forget Cycling To Work, They Cycle At Work!

All this week we are bringing you stories about people who ride their bikes to work through the winter, but what about those who ride their bikes at work?

A few weeks ago we brought you a story about Jean-Paul Beaulieu and the hearty delivery crew at Chiang Mai Thai.  Also be sure to check out our profile on The Beez Kneez, honey delivered by bike, what could be sweeter?

While we commend both groups for continuing to deliver through winter, we think the award for heaviest load, and furthest traveled has to go to the coffee peddlers over at Peace Coffee.  Month-in and month-out they deliver hundreds of pounds of coffee, hundreds of miles by bike.

For a glimpse inside their world, check out this poem by former deliveryman Andy Lambert;

Winter Bike Delivery

A Poem by Andy Lambert, Former Peace Coffee Bicycle Delivery Person

This morning was daunting riding to work,
Old man winter was totally a jerk.
But my duty calls and I’d never forsake thee
Though our journey today might just well break me.

We started our relationship so long ago
Me on my bike, and you in tow.
10, 20, 30 miles at a time,
Our outings are grueling, but mostly sublime.

Snow-crusted beard and the roaster is hot,
Stereos hummin’ and I’m pullin’ a shot.
Invoices in hand call for 400 pounds
It’s damn near arctic, snow and ice covered ground.

The Greenway to River Rd. then snake-it up Otis.
To Summit and Dale, ALL HILLS and YOU KNOW THIS!
Yet I see how important and crucial it is,
That you get to those near-empty gravity bins.

French Roast is on sale and it flies off the shelves,
We do quicker production than the Keebler elves.
The trailer creaks and my frame is stressed,
That twelve-below chill pierces my chest.

Some people say that I’m crazy to do this,
But the sacred beans are what light my fuses.
I summon the tenacious mind of the turtle
And think of the farmers in fields so fertile.

The dark little bean gets respect from me,
It has sparked revolutions throughout history.
To deliver by bike says more than “we’re green”
It’s a two-wheeled rebellion against the machine.

(via Peace Spokes Newsletter)

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One Response to Winter Commuter: Forget Cycling To Work, They Cycle At Work!

  1. Randall says:

    I’m delivering cookies every day for the Cookie Cart through the winter, and don’t forget about Kindee Thai as well as The Lunch Cube who also deliver by bike during the winter.

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