Tuesday Give Away: Twin Six Gear

This week is all about you, the winter commuter, and the things you might need out there on the road.

Yesterday we announced a contest in which two lucky cyclists will be receiving a free wool Peace Coffee Cycling cap.  Go ahead, click on the link to check the details, we’ll wait……

Today, you get another chance to win, this time some sweet Twin Six gear to help keep you warm on your ride.

First things first, head over to the website for Twin Six.  Running today through Friday night at midnight they are having a huge sale.  They are clearing out their inventory from 2009 and 2010 which includes some t-shirts that you will never see again.  Click here to see all of the specials that they have going, a wool jersey for $99?  Yes please! Also, do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter, they usually announce sales and the t-shirt of the month (which go fast) over there first.

Now for the give away details;

The Contest

Yesterday, we let you know about a new daily feature here on CTC, the Twin Cities Bike Photo of the Day (TCBPOD).  Go back and check it out.

Well we need a little stock pile of photos to start out, so here are the contest rules.

1) Between today and this Sunday, February 6th at 11:59 pm, submit a photo which meets the requirements of the TCBPOD (check out the link above), via email to cycletc(at)gmail(dot)com.

2) Only one entry per person, per day.

3) We will select one of the photographs that we receive (and which meets the requirements of TCBPOD) as our favorite and on Monday of next week we will announce the winner!

Even if you don’t win the gear, you will still have your work featured on Cycle Twin Cities, so get creative.

The Prize(s)

One lucky person is going to be receiving two essential pieces of winter cycling clothing to add to the wardrobe;










T6 Thermal throw this on under pretty much anything and you guarantee that your chest and arms will be toasty all the way through your ride.









A pair of Deluxe Merino wool socks.  Ask any old school cyclist and they will tell you the secret to staying warm, wool, wool, wool!  These are skinny enough to fit under a second pair of socks, but you might be able to stick it out with just one pair, even on cold days. The added bonus is that wool socks also help to keep you cool in the summertime.


A huge thank you goes out to Mark the whole gang at Twin Six for supporting both the Twin Cities cycling scene and the winter commuter.  Twin Six is a company that has grown to the point that they are shipping international, but they are staying true to their Twin Cities roots.

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7 Responses to Tuesday Give Away: Twin Six Gear

  1. Luke Francl says:

    Love those socks. I wore them for the Winter Bike Pub Crawl under a thicker pair of wool socks and my feet were toasty warm the whole ride.

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