Right on Time QBP Announces 2010 Commuter Awards

QBP Headquarters in Bloomington, MN

Just in time for Salute to the Winter Commuter local bike shop supply company Quality Bike Products (QBP)  has announced their 2010  Central 2010 Commuter Awards – Every Butt on a Bike.

For those that don’t know, QBP uses a points based system to recognize individual employees commuting effort, really making an effort to push their employees to commute by bike.  The cherry on top of the sundae is that the points translate into real world donations to World Bicycle Relief.  You can check out the website (link above) for the individual awards but here is a short bunch of statistics that are frankly impressive.

“Let’s start by recognizing the combined efforts of everyone at QBP that has commuted in 2010:

377 employees commuted on 35,958 trips for 439,980 miles earning160,027 credits (worth $48,000+) and contributing 5,882 credits (worth $1,764) to World Bike Relief.”

We say chapeau! To the employees at QBP and to company management for encouraging this tremendous effort.

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