Ride the Trainer for Good: One Rock Rally

This week we have been sticking to the winter commuter theme, however, after finding out about this, it is too important to put off posting.

Blood+Sweat+Chemo is a blog written by a Twin Cities Cyclist named Andy Thieman. On Christmas Eve 2010, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. His Chemo treatment started on 1/10/11.  His goal is to ride his trainer every day through treatment and in October he will be joining Lance Armstrong in Minneapolis South (Austin, Texas) for a survivors ride.

Here is how you can help.  Minneapolis business, Fulton Brewery is hosting what seems like a kick ass event February 20th at 2pm.  Here is the event announcement from his blog;

The ONE ROCK RALLY is more than just a trainer ride. It’s your chance to help me raise funds for LIVESTRONG, defeat cancer, save the world and live happily every after. Along with riding, we’ll be drinking Minneapolis’ own Fulton Beer and eating local nosh while listening to local bands.

Hosted by The Fulton Brewery
2:00 Doors open
2:30 Ride starts
4:30 Ride ends for the weak of leg
5:00 TBD Music begins
Food, Beer & Silent Auction, throughout.
(Bring cash. No ATM on-site.)

Riding is encouraged, but not mandatory. Feel free to come and hang out. While you’re there, be sure to check out the silent auction. We’ve got everything fromTwin Six gear to Fulton growlers to Wigwam socks, a hand-built Misfit Psycles29er frame and more…

All proceeds will go to the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

Register here (you have to select events on the right side of the page).

You do have to bring your own trainer for this event, so if you don’t have one start asking around.  Also if you do have one, and are willing to lend it out that day, contact us, and we will help facilitate the lending.

This is a chance to help out a fellow Twin Cities Cyclist, let’s rally!


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