Weekend Event Re-Cap [Part II]: Winter Pub Crawl Re-cap and Photos

Steamy Group Enters Kings

Sunday turned into a perfect day for riding.  Sunshine, very little wind, good company and quiet roads, what more could you ask for?

We arrived at the Bulldog NE around 12:30 to chants of “late, late, late, late” (the pub crawl officially started at Noon) and we immediately felt welcomed.

After a round of introductions we settled in and started drinking and talking bicycles. The initial stop netted around 50 participants and as you can see from the pictures below, all sorts of bicycles were ridden to the event.

The ride from locations one to two took us on a nice trip through downtown Minneapolis and into South Minneapolis, eventually stopping at Kings Wine bar.  As you can imagine, the beer drinking, eating and conversations continued there.  Sitting by the window one of the highlights was looking into the street and seeing car drivers and passengers crane their necks to look at all of the bikes locked up outside the buildings.

Kings was the last stop for us, it was very close to CTC headquarters, so we decided to call it a nice Sunday.  The group headed back north to Bryant Lake Bowl for the third of four stops.

Did you stick it out and ride to all four stops?

Have any pictures of the event that you would like to share?  Let’s see them on Facebook, or join and share with our Flickr Group.

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