Weekend Event Re-Cap [Part I]: Ice Bike Recap and Photo Gallery

Start of the Advanced Race

On Saturday, Hollywood Cycles put on a great event on Lake Phalen in Saint Paul.  As a part of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Ice Bike, drew a decent crowd, a competitive field and some curious onlookers wandering over from the ice fishing contest, and cross-country skiing and snowshoe events taking place at the Phalen Golf Course.  The races were divide up into three classes, beginner, sport and advanced (each category was co-ed).

The beginner race, was less of a race and more of a fun ride, and included people with a variety of abilities, including a father daughter duo.  The second race of the day, featured a larger and more advanced field of contenders, including the obligatory Pugsley and Mukluck riders.  If there is one thing to learned by attending these races, while stable and fun, super fat tire is not the way to go if you want to win.  We didn’t catch the name of the winner but he was riding a Cannondale mountain bike with a Lefty Fork.

Before the race we caught up with Jay “Hollywood” Henderson for an interview (we will post later this week) and he let us know that the advanced race was stacked with talent.

He was right.

Within one lap of the start of the advanced race, Hollywood and Ezra Taylor had turned it into a two-man contest, while Kristy Olsen jumped out to an insurmountable lead in the women’s race.

Hollywood followed closely on Ezra’s wheel for another two to three more laps before Ezra started to pull away and turned the race into a solo ride.  Ezra rode to victory ontop of his resplendent Peacock Groove custom-made, gold-plated 29er bicycle.  Despite a lack of sun, that bike was shining.

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