Introducing a New Feature: Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day

Today we are introducing a new feature here on CTC; Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day.  If there is one thing that we enjoy as much as riding our bike, it is looking at pictures of bikes, but we want to keep it Twin Cities specific, and we need your help!

How does it work?

If you want to have your photographic work featured here, just submit your Twin Cities cycling pictures to us via e-mail (or send us the link to where it is posted online) and we will pick our favorite picture every weekday to post.

What type of pictures are we looking for?

Anything and everything bike related.  Have a picture from a group ride? Picture of your bike with Minneapolis or Saint Paul in the Background? Picture of your basement bike shop?  See a mural in the Cities with bicycles painted in it?  We want to see them all! The only limitation is getting off your bike long enough to take a picture.

A little bit more fine print –

1) You have to have own the rights to the photograph.  (You will retain rights and are only providing us permission to post, nothing more).

2) You can leave any identification on the photos that you want (for copyright purposes).

3) The photograph has to be taken somewhere in the Twin Cities Metro area.

4) Submit it to us at cycletc(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, the location of the photo, and when it was taken.

That’s it, we look forward to seeing what we get!

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