[Updated] Ride the Dirty Benjamin

Update 1/29/11: A whole two days early the address that we’ve all been waiting for has been posted over on the Dirty Benjamin Website.  I am not going to re-post it here and spoil the fun of clicking through the to registration page.  As a reminder they are only taking the first 200 entries and considering the number that are registered for the Almanzo 100 we’d say mail now or not at all.

Original Story:

Ok so the title of this post is not a euphemism, it’s a race announcement. Hopefully you saw our post on the Almanzo 100 last week, and have signed up for it (if that is your bag). But if you want to race on gravel and feel that Spring Valley is a little bit too far for you to travel?  The Dirty Benjamin is your answer.

The race takes place June 11, 2011 and will start at Schmilepfenig Park in Chaska.  Riders will head out on a 100 mile (107 last year) gravel track loop and end up back in Schmilefenig Park at a shelter near the VFW.  Similar to the Almanzo, the registration is via postcard and will begin on February 1, 2011, when the appropriate address is posted. Unlike the Almanzo, the peloton is limited to the first 200 riders, so mail your post card early.

Visit the Dirty Benjamin website for further details.

Classes: Open Women
Open Men

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