Weekend Cycling Events: Racing and Drinking

On Sunday you are going to have to make some hard choices, do I race or do I drink?

Also, why not take a minute to register for the Minnesota Ironman Bicycle Ride? Starting February 1 the price goes up $5.

Weekend Cycling Events


Ice Race II – Phalen Edition; Two weeks ago we attended a very cold but very fun bike race on Lake Minnetonka.  This week it will be a much shorter trip over to Saint Paul.  Ice Racing on Lake Phalen should be fun to watch.

Registration is closed, so if you haven’t already signed up you are going to be a spectator at this one.  I don’t know about the rest of you but my money is on Hollywood in this race.


The Pro Bowl doesn’t start until 7pm, but you aren’t watching that anyway, so you have to make a hard decision, which of these events are you going to attend?

Winter Bicycle Pub Crawl; The drinking starts at noon at the Bulldog NE, but just incase you don’t want to drink that early on a Sunday, you can join in at any of the stops. Check out the post for more information.

Icy Cat; If you decide to skip the drinking head on over to Saint Paul for what is sure to be an interesting alley cat.  Yesterday they posted the course with the check points included, looks like a long one.  Registration starts at 2:30 at Cherokee Park in Saint Paul, race starts at 3:00.

Indoor Grass/Criterium Racing; If two straight days of non-traditional races isn’t enough for you, the National Sports Center in Blaine is hosting the second Indoor Grass/ Criterium Racing event of the winter.  Check out the video from the last set of races; here.

Good Luck choosing!  As always we will try to have some re-capping action on Monday. Where are you headed?  Let us know!

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