Reminder: Next Week, Salute to the Winter Commuter

Reminder be sure to check back everyday next week for lots of information, profiles and give-aways!

Do you commute over the winter?

If you do we salute you, well we are going to salute you, next week.

Every day will have posts written with you in mind, the people who make the Twin Cities unique.

It is one thing to ride through the rain of spring, it’s another to make it through the heat of summer, fall is pretty much perfect for riding, so you don’t get any extra credit for that, but continuing to ride through the dark and cold of winter, takes determination, and preparation, but believe it or not you don’t actually have to be crazy.

The goal for next week is two-fold, one is to highlight current winter commuters, the other, is to encourage you to become one (if you aren’t already).  If you have never commuted during winter, we see no reason why you shouldn’t start now!

We will spend the week providing the best knowledge and tips from around town and around the web, all to get you on your bike this winter.  Specifically, riding your bike to work on Friday February 4th.

January 31st – February 4th is going to be devoted to all things winter commuting, culminating with the First Annual Cycle Twin Cities Winter Bike to Work Day on Friday February 4th.

Chicago has one, so why not us?

Luckily we are getting a little bit of help from friends.  Every day next week we will be giving away something that will help you commute in winter, we have some great stuff to give away, but you will have to check back every day for details.

We want to see you ride so badly, that we are willing to bribe you.  Next Friday if you ride your bike to the Peace Coffee Wonderland Park Coffee Shop on 32nd and Minnehaha avenue, they are going to give you a free cup of coffee!  This offer is good all day long (we will post a flyer later today).

So stop by and fill up on your way to work, way home from work, morning break, lunch break, or just bring your laptop and work from there (don’t worry there are plenty of chairs and outlets) just remember you have to arrive on your bike.

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2 Responses to Reminder: Next Week, Salute to the Winter Commuter

  1. hokan says:

    Bikewinter was at the core a winter bike-to-work day on the historic coldest day of the year.

    For Minneapolis that would be the 21st of January. On that date in 1888 the temperature got down to -41 (according to the National Weather Service).

    So, a bit late this year but perhaps fun anyway.

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