More Test Median Meeting Goodness

The Jefferson Ave Bikeway and test median is an issue that we have covered extensively here at CTC.  Not necessarily because it affects so many people (not exactly a major bike thoroughfare) but because the fight over it seems to be indicative of the larger battle for biking infrastructure.

This is a battle that is playing out not only in the Twin Cities but across the country and cyclists fight to have more inclusive road designs, and drivers fight to keep them as second class vehicles.

We posted a meeting recap from Jeff Zaayer the other day (see link above), however over at Twin City Sidewalks they have posted a LiveBlog from the meeting.

After reading the recount of the meeting all that I can say is wow.  Neighborhood residents are really pissed off.

Even if you don’t care about what happens with the project the LiveBlog is work the read, it is entertaining and provides some insight into the ongoing fight.

You can find the LiveBlog here.

If you want more information on this be sure to check out a really well written piece over at the website Ride Boldly! .

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