Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition Meets With Hennepin County Engineers

Photo Via Flickr User: Snak Shak (Joe Reinemann)

Someone’s been busy!

Over on the newly created website for the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition they put up some points of interest from a recent meeting with some Hennepin County Engineers.  Specifically they discussed upcoming projects and how they intend to work with the Minneapolis Cycling community.  From the post;

“The County and City will talk about bikes! We are encouraged that County staff will be meeting with City staff soon for a comprehensive discussion about bike projects and opportunities. With good political leadership, this staff interaction can only lead to a more bicycle friendly city and a more efficient process for everyone. The County will also be looking to the newly re-formed Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to help better understand the needs and priorities of bicyclists. It will be important that us bike advocates make sure to engage City and County staff when engaging neighborhoods on potential projects.”

Head on over to the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition website for specific and detailed information about each one of these potential projects;

1) Marshall Ave. / Main St. NE.
2) Hennepin Ave. / 1st Ave. NE.
3) Glenwood Ave.
4) Washington Ave.
5) Franklin Ave.
6) 26th Ave. South.
7) 46th St. South.
8) Portland Ave. South.

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