Bicycle Advisory Committee Appointments Update

Many of you will remember that late last year, the City of Minneapolis put out a call for member of the community to join the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC).  They were looking for a few (13) good men and women to begin their terms this year.  The City describes the committee this way;

“The role of the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is to promote both commuter and recreational bicycling, to advocate for bicycling infrastructure improvements, to encourage safe riding, and to involve people interested in bicycling issues throughout the city.”

Applications for membership on the committee were due back in December, so we caught up with Don Pflaum of the City to see how the appointment process was moving along and here is what we got;

In total the city received 76 applications for the 13 vacant spots, including one from a Saint Paul resident (not eligible for ward appointment), see below for Ward specific application numbers.

The appointment nominees will be provided to the Council Committee on Transportation and Public Works on February 1st.  From there it will go to the full City Council at the February 11th meeting.  The BAC begins their work on February 2nd in what is sure to be an extensive orientation and get to know you meeting.

Ward specific applications;

Taking a look at the numbers it is not surprising to see the wards with the highest numbers of applications, are all around the chain of lakes.  It makes you wonder whether bike loving individuals self-select to live near the abundant bike paths, or if living near them fosters a love for cycling….. Click on the links to see individual Ward maps.

Ward 1: 5 applicants
Ward 2: 4 applicants
Ward 3: 2 applicants
Ward 4: 3 applicants
Ward 5: 3 applicants
Ward 6: 3 applicants
Ward 7: 7 applicants
Ward 8: 5 applicants
Ward 9: 8 applicants
Ward 10: 6 applicants
Ward 11: 7 applicants
Ward 12: 13 applicants
Ward 13: 9 applicants
One St. Paul Resident also applied

Are you a member of the Minneapolis BAC? Contact us, we’d love to talk with you!

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2 Responses to Bicycle Advisory Committee Appointments Update

  1. I was a ward 11 applicant (one of the 7). I have never heard back from the committee or Don, so I am assuming at this point that I was not selected, but I am pleased that they had such turnout for these positions. I hope this group can help plan for bicycle accomodations on streets and during construction projects, which is something the City has been remiss on.

  2. hokan says:

    I’ve been a BAC member for several years and am the new ward 9 appointee. What would you like to talk about?

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