Please Don’t Waste Your Money on This

If I didn’t know better I would think that the comedians over at The Onion were up to their old tricks.  A company called Plattfuss (that even sounds fake) wants to sell you rubber bands made out of recycled inner tubes.

You will get 70 of them for $7 (or 10 cents each)


Mind you that is the same price you would pay for 970 similar sized standard rubber bands.

I am all for people recycling, but there are much more creative ways to use old inner tubes.

If you positively have to have this product here is how you get it for free;

1) Find a blown out inner tube at your house.  Don’t have any?  Stop by the closest bike shop and ask for a used one, it will be free.

2) Sit down with scissors.

3) Begin cutting very skinny strips, you will probably be able to get approximately 100 rubber bands out of one old inner tube.

4) Voilà – Repeat as necessary. Donate $7.00 + shipping to a deserving bicycle charity.

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One Response to Please Don’t Waste Your Money on This

  1. saldb says:

    I ue rubber bands a lot, especially on my water tap. Thanks for the economic tip!

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