Planning For Southwest Transitway Includes Bike Routes

Over at the Net Density Blog Brendon put up a very well researched and thought-provoking post about the Southwest Transitway.

For those of you why don’t know, the Southwest Transitway is a commuter rail line, currently in the planning phase for the Southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis.

What we found interesting in the proposed plan, and map (above) is the layout of the planned bikeways, specifically what is proposed for Glenwood Ave and Girard are both pretty major arteries that would be convenient for those out west to get into downtown Minneapolis.

While suburbanites may not be crazy for rail travel (see ridership numbers on the Northstar Corridor Commuter Rail Line) there are a lot of riders on the westside and the traffic on 394 isn’t getting any better.  Hopefully, some easy and safe bikeways leading in from the ‘burbs will lead to an increase in bike commuters.

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One Response to Planning For Southwest Transitway Includes Bike Routes

  1. Reuben says:

    SW Transitway is more correctly described as LRT, rather than commuter rail, which typically uses freight rail tracks and operates on a relatively sparse schedule.

    The southwest suburbs already have the best commuter trails in the suburban Metro area. One of the goals for Southwest Transitway should be simply to not wreck the situation for cyclists. In some ways, SW transitway will be an improvement – some of the unpaved portions of the SW LRT trail will get paved as part of the project, and the trail will likely be widened in a lot of places. But in other ways, it’s kind of a downer – where the corridor currently houses only a bucolic bike trail, in the future, it will include fences, retaining walls, and trains, and a lot fewer trees. Also, much of the grade separation being planned for the corridor is ignoring cyclists.

    Still, I’m a supporter of SW LRT.

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