Recap: Jefferson Ave Pedestrian Refuge Meeting

Photo by Matthew Cole

On Monday night the City of Saint Paul held a meeting, supposedly to decide the fate of the Jefferson Ave. Pedestrian Refuge we told you about a few weeks ago. Jeff Zaayer was there and provided us with this report;


Post by Jeff Zaayer

The meeting was well attended and was standing room only,  there were a number of cyclists in attendance ready to speak in favor of the median which the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition will need again in the future.

There were no decisions made by the District Council, instead all that happened was representatives from public works presented their data from both traffic counts as well as comment surveys submitted by email, phone, newspaper editorials, and two comments submitted via the city’s DSI/complaint line.  Public Works is still processing the data they collected and have not done any further design of the intersection.  Should the median become permanent, Public Works would first have to create and receive approval for a final design .

After Public Works presented their data the council took questions from those in attendance and kept things as brief and informative as possible.  Therefore the District Council has not made any decisions for or against making the median permanent.

Public Works will give ample notice when they have final results ready to give the District Council ample opportunity to notify the public.

The data that Public Works provided can be found here.

The first document on the page is Public Works data showing traffic counts in the immediate area as well as speed data with and without the median.  In addition, they have provided comment data, separated by all comments submitted, as well as those submitted with an address that were within one 1/2 mile of the median.  You will notice in both versions of the comment data that comments are 59% against and 41% for and in both versions the top three comment topics were the same.

The second document is a report that TLC (Transit for Livable Communities) put together from the data that Public Works collected.  I have not had an opportunity to dig into that report and they did not present it at the meeting, rather, they simply notified the attendees that the District Council had it and it would be on their website.  TLC is administering the federal grant that was used to pay for the bike treatments which were able to make it through the approval process, most of which (aside from signage) exists East of Snelling Ave.

As a side note I rode from West River Road to Fairview ave. after Unite Bike on Saturday. It appears as though the sharrows that were painted over West of Snelling seem to have more staying power than the black paint that was used to paint over them.


Thanks Jeff!  We will keep everyone updated once the District Council have made a decision.

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