Metromix Lists 4 Bike Activities in the 111 Things Every Minnesotan Should Try in 2011: What’s Your Top 5?

We know that there are a lot of fun things to do around the Twin Cities, in any given year.  Metromix has come-up with a list of 111 (a play on the year, we think) things that every Minnesotan should try in 2011.  From a biking perspective it’s pretty sad.  Besides the welcome exposure for ARTCRANK, a favorite of ours, the rest of the list is just pathetic, serious, how did bike the Grand Rounds, and bike the Chain of Lakes in fall get identified as two separate activities?  Why not give some publicity to the awesome scenic tours put on by both Minneapolis and Saint Paul during the fall?

Let’s help out Metromix, what are the top five bike events that are “must attend” or “must try”?  The only stipulation apparently is that it is located in the state of Minnesota.  Give us your top five, in the comments below, or email them to us at cycletc(at)gmail(dot)com.

We went through and pulled out the related items for you, but you can check out the full list via their link.

#44 Purchase original poster art at ARTCRANK

The never-miss event of the year is the ARTCRANKposter show, on the calendar for April 2, 2011 at Shelter Studios in Minneapolis.

This show went international in 2010 but was born locally five years ago in Minneapolis (the cycling capital of the nation.)

Free admission and everyone can leave with an original piece of art for under $35.

#69 Bring your bike to Lanesboro, MN

Visit Lanesboro, Minnesota. My mom grew up down here and I love visiting Grandma. Stay at the Old Barn Resort and be sure to bring your bike (or rent one) and hit the Root River State Trail.

#83 Get to know NOMI: bike the Grand Rounds

Get to know North Minneapolis Bike the Grand Rounds.

#103 Run/bike/walk/skate the Chain of Lakes in fall

Run/bike/walk/skate around the Chain of Lakes—Lake CalhounLake Harriet and Lake of the Isles—in the fall. The colors are beautiful, the humidity disappears and the temperatures are perfect for just about any outdoor activity.

And as we know, the seemingly endless cold and snow is just around the corner.

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