Help The National Bike Movement With Your E-Mail Address

If you haven’t heard about People for Bikes before, consider this a formal introduction, actually, they want you to introduce yourself to them.

People for Bikes is a national organization that is attempting to unite millions of individual cyclists from around the country to speak to our legislators with one clear voice.  They don’t necessarily get involved at the local level, but this is bigger than just the Twin Cities.

Right now they are asking for your help by signing the pledge.

It’s no secret that due to planned austerity measures (a good video about austerity here) at both the Federal and State levels, the steady stream of funding for cycling initiatives that we have known will soon come to an end.  Other transportation items that don’t involve car travel are starting to get placed on the chopping block.  It is only a matter of time before bike lanes and greenways are added.

Think of People for Bikes as the public relations face for Bikes Belong (a lobbying group specifically for cyclists) which regardless of your take on lobbyists, helps you by making cycling projects happen country-wide.

We are fully supportive of local advocacy groups such as the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, however if the tap is turned off in Washington, there won’t be much making it to the local level.

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