Bike Rack Requirements in Minneapolis

Creative Bike Racks in Uptown

The other day we read an article about a town mandating bike racks in conjunction with new construction.

We were amused by a quote from the town’s mayor, who noted while announcing the new ordinance that;

“I’m in favor of more bike racks, even though I don’t ride one and probably won’t”

Nice attitude.

This got us thinking, what does Minneapolis have for bicycle parking regulations? Luckily this was pretty easy to find.  Not surprisingly for a city the size of Minneapolis, the municipal code is quite large, several hundred pages actually.  The portion specific to bicycle parking makes up about 4 pages worth, and has lots of interesting facts, like a Liquor store is required to have a minimum of three short-term parking spaces.  What constitutes short-term parking, they have a definition of that too;

(1) Required short-term parking spaces shall be located in a convenient and visible area within fifty (50) feet of a principal entrance and shall permit the locking of the frame and one (1) wheel to the rack and shall support a in a stable position without damage to the wheels, frame or components. With the permission of the city engineer, required bicycle parking may be located in the public right-of-way. Public bicycle parking spaces may contribute to compliance with required bicycle parking when located adjacent to the property in question.

If you have a few minutes check out the PDF section of the Minneapolis Bicycle Parking Ordinance.

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One Response to Bike Rack Requirements in Minneapolis

  1. Anon says:

    Hundreds of pages of code with no one to enforce it.

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