Weekend Event Re-Cap: First Annual Winter Unite Bike

A Cold Group

So when we saw the thermometer stuck at 1 degree Saturday morning, we had a feeling that attendance at the first annual winter Unite Bike might be small.

Rolling up to the specified meeting spot at 11:45 there was one bike…

Before too long we weren’t alone, Clark Patrick, Unite Bike organizer and photographer was the next to show.  Then slowly, by ones and twos, more cyclists arrived and we became a group.  Unfortunately none of the Twin Cities hardcore women riders (we know you’re out there) made it to the event.  In all about 20 people showed up, riding from as far away as South Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis, and Saint Paul.

Clark said that he has already started planning the 2011 Worldwide Unite Bike, scheduled for Sunday October 2nd.  According to Clark, the event this fall is going to be more than just taking the photo, it will be a cycling celebration and he’s working with other groups to include additional cycling activities.

To those that came out, it was great to meet you, for those who didn’t hope to see you next year at the second annual Winter Unite Bike.

Winter Unite Bike Gallery

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