Minneapolis and Saint Paul Announce Tours

Minneapolis and Saint Paul have released information for their respective 2011 bike tours.  We will obviously provide lots more information on the two premier Twin Cities bike tour events later, but we thought it would be good to show that nice days are ahead.  Think warm!

Quick facts;

Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour,                                 Date; September 11, 2011.                                                   Distance; Enjoy 15 /39 miles of traffic-free routes.           Sales pitch;  featuring great rest stops, ride support, delicious food and beverages, live music, and much more!

Minneapolis Bike Tour; Date; September 18, 2011.                                                                       Distance; 14/36 Miles.                                                                                                         Info; Both routes include rest stops with refreshments and bike mechanics. Stick around after the ride to enjoy LIVE music, vendor booths, FREE beer and post-ride food!

Get excited!

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