Weekend Cycling Events: Unite Bike, Tour de Cure Kick-off Party and Projects

Okay, it’s going to be cold this weekend, just like it was this week, but here are some cycling events to get you out of hibernation and cycling;


Unite Bike; Why not give the finger to the weather and go outside on your bike anyway?  Unite bike starts at Noon, why not come out and see other people in the Twin Cities as crazy as you. We’ll be there at Unite Bike, how ’bout you?

Tour de Cure Kick-off Party; So maybe going outside isn’t your thing.  You can still get some time in on the bike, Free, Free, Free, is the word of the day at the Tour de Cure kick off part at Cyclequest Studio in Eden Prairie.  We told you about it a few weeks ago, but it is your first, and cheapest opportunity to sign up for the 2011 edition of the Tour de Cure. While you are at it, you can get some free food, and free spin classes starting at 1:00 and 3:00.

So Unite Bike at Noon, free spinning at 3:00, what are you going to do?


Okay so we actually don’t know of any events going on this Sunday (if you know of something let us know) so how about a project day?

These should keep you busy (click the link for instructions);

Cat litter bucket panniers.

Messenger bag hanger out of old handlebars (this hangs in our house).

Okay if you finished those us, hop on a trainer and watch some football.

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