Twin Cities Cyclist: Sara Kerr


Sara and Family


Since the start of CTC, we have said that we want to help bring the Twin Cities cycling community together.

Whether you ride a road bike, fixed gear, winter beater, mountain bike, tall bike, chopper, e-bike, hybrid, (etc.) recognize, that we are all part of one, albeit very large community. Part of that is getting to know cyclists individually, all types of people ride all types of bikes, we will show them one at a time;

Twin Cities Cyclist; Sara Kerr

My Bike(s):

1) Fisher urban commuter

2) Gitane racer (old, but loved)

Age: 42

My City: Saint Paul

Favorite Ride in the Metro: Anywhere in St. Paul with my kids.

Local Bike Shop: Just moved back to town, so I don’t have one

Why I Ride: I see more. It feels great. My whole family can do it together.


Welcome back to the Twin Cities Sara!  She said that she is not a winter cyclist, but come spring time she’s going to need a bike shop, anyone in Saint Paul have suggestions for her?

Do you want to be a featured Twin Cities Cyclist?  Head on over to the Submit tab or Contact us.

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