Help Make Snelling Avenue Safer

Snelling Ave. Photo By Jeffrey Thompson/ MPR

Snelling Avenue is many things to the city of Saint Paul.  It is a historic thoroughfare, major traffic artery and front door to the Minnesota State Fair.

It is also dangerous for anyone not in a car.

This summer, Snelling Ave. is going to get a face-lift, or in engineering terms, a re-surfacing.  MnDOT is leading the project but there are a whole host of groups out to ensure that the re-surfacing takes into consideration non-vehicular transportation.

So who is involved and working on our behalf?

The Sierra Club, Active Living Ramsey Communities!, St. Paul Smart Trips, Transit for Livable Communities and the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition.

These groups have set up a Complete Streets Workshop and have invited the community (you) and members of MnDOT to hear the suggestions and concerns.  The workshop date is set for February 7th, from 6:30-8:30 pm.  The meeting will take place at the Charles M. Schulz Arena at Snelling Ave. and Ford Pkwy in St. Paul.

We spoke to Jeff Zaayer of the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition to figure out what they are looking for out of this project;

“Unfortunately there is little in the current complete streets legislation that forces MnDOT to make changes without significant community backing, and even then their existing design guidelines allow minimal variance.  The purpose of this meeting is to engage those responsible for the implementation of the work and also community members who would be affected.

We would like to see at minimum an uphill bike lane on Montreal Ave from W 7th St.  As it stands currently the only routes from the East with uphill refuge for cyclists are Edgecumbe and Jefferson Ave both are over 1 mile West and North respectively from Montreal.  There are also potential links with the Sam Morgan trail and the 35E Parkway within 2 blocks of the intersection of Montreal and W 7th St.”

Looking for more information?

Contact – Joshua Houdek (Sierra Club) or Jeff Zaayer (Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition),

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3 Responses to Help Make Snelling Avenue Safer

  1. mulad says:


    Well, before I get too excited, I’d like to know how much of Snelling the study covers. Is it all of the road in St. Paul? More/less than that?

    • I think that you might have to go to the meeting to find out. We will try to post a re-cap afterwards.

      • Mulad says:

        I got an e-mail from Transit for Livable Communities that says the event will cover two segments:

        Northern section: between Pierce Butler and Como (over the railroad tracks).
        Southern section: south of Dayton to Montreal, as well as Montreal between Snelling Ave and West 7th.

        I am most interested in the northern segment, since I live and work in that area of town.

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