Bike Lane News Round-up

With all of the discussion this week about bike lanes, we thought that we would show you what is going on around the web on this topic.

Local news –

KSTP Covers Saint Paul Bike Lanes; Best quote from the report “normally this time of year if you see a bike lane or a bike route sign like this one well you pretty much disregard it.” Check out their story here.

Bike Lanes or Parking Lanes?; Two weeks ago we discussed the abysmal state of Minneapolis’ bike lanes in winter.  With pretty much constant snow since then, things have not improved.

National news-

Arizona Community Wants Uniform Lanes; Members of the cycling community are calling on the government to make bikes lanes more uniform is size. Tucson

Bike Lanes = Jobs; The League of American Cyclists let us know that in a dollar for dollar comparison, building bikes lanes create twice as many jobs road construction.

Portland Bike Lanes; Local blogger for Twin Cities Streets for People visited Portland, Oregon and provided this view on a bike lane.

International news –

Bike Lane DIY; Treehugger brought us the story of a group of citizens in Guadalajara, Mexico, who decided not to wait for the government and made their own infrastructure improvements.  Follow the link to see the lanes in action, including some video.

Superhighways; In 2009 London decided to put in some bicycle superhighways, since then they have seen a 70 percent increase in bike usage, check out the video below.

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