Reaction to Greenway and 5th Avenue Intersection

On Monday we ran a story about our visit to the newly redesigned intersection of 5th Ave. and the Greenway.

In that story we gave our best amateur guesses as to why so many cars were ignoring the stop sign and running straight through it, endangering trail users.  We also discussed some potential ways that this could be fixe, luckily the professionals have now chimed in.

Ruben over at the VeloTraffic blog, takes a look at the intersection from a traffic engineer’s point of view.  For people with no traffic engineering knowledge (like us) Ruben does a great job of breaking down exactly what is going on (a problem of “intersection spacing.”) and gives some possible solutions.  Hopefully the city of Minneapolis is listening.

Head on over to VeloTraffic and be sure to participate in comments, let Ruben know what you think.

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