Meet Ellie Kingsbury: Cyclist Photographer

Photo Courtesy of Ellie Kingsbury

We first saw the work of Ellie Kingsbury last weekend at the Angry Catfish art show.  Her photographic work depicting Twin Cities cyclists during winter-time caused us to linger quite a bit at her section of wall.

We managed to catch up with her this week to get a little bit more information about her and her project.

CTC: How long have you been photographing riders and their bicycles?

Ellie: This will be my third winter, though I couldn’t really sink my teeth into the project till this winter

CTC: What gave you idea to do this?

Ellie: When I first started biking throughout the winter, it seemed like there weren’t that many other bikers on the road.  Then I began seeing more and more with each  passing year.  We can’t be categorized by any one age or professional or racial demographic,  but since we’re all shrouded in balaclavas and  such, we might seem mysterious or faceless to others.  I wanted to highlight the person, to put a face to our community, and in so doing encourage others to stay on their bike year round.
CTC: Ahh, so you are a winter rider yourself?  Very cool, what kind of bike do you ride?
Ellie: A 13 year-old Giant Cypress, now officially a total beater.  I’ll be the proud owner of a Peacock Groove by this summer!
CTC: Peacock Groove?  Nice! How many different bikers have you had the opportunity to shoot?
Ellie: I’ve done 27 different sessions, mostly of a single person, but on a few occasions I’ve photographed a small group.  I’ll continue looking for models till the snow melts!!!
CTC: For those who missed the show at the Catfish, any places around town where people can see your photos?
Ellie: The website where you can see some older work is I’m trying to get a showing in the Mayor’s office and want to  pitch a story to MSP magazine or some other publication.  I think it would be a riot to make some of these images life-sized and post them along  the Midtown Greenway.  It would be sort of half in the spirit of civic pride and half a celebration of the gonzo guts and glory of winter bikers.  I’m  not quite sure who would help with funding though!
CTC: Life size murals would be great, really let people see how many folks ride through winter. What do you like most about riding in the Twin Cities?
Ellie: In terms of riding in the winter, I applaud the people who clear the bike paths.  This winter in particular it’s been hard to know what shape the  streets will be in, but the paths seem to get cleared in a predictable way.  I wish I could ride on them more.
Twin Cities cycling event?
Ellie: Stupor bowl, in every way!
You can see more of Ellie’s work at her commercial website, also she is always looking for more cyclists looking to take part in her project, you can contact her via this link.
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Do you have someone involved in the cycling community that you would like to see profiled?  Visit our contact page and let us know.
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2 Responses to Meet Ellie Kingsbury: Cyclist Photographer

  1. Lowrah says:

    Ellie took my portrait and was great to work with. She’s really relaxed and made the whole experience fun.

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