New Surly Toys in the Wild

Photo from the Surly Blog

The people of QBP brands have been busy already this year.  We already told you about some new apparel options from Surly a few weeks ago. Last week it was All-City’s turn to announce some new fun stuff.  Now it appears that the attention has turned back to Surly and what they do best, bikes.

Over at the Surly Blog they have a rather lengthy showcase of two of their products which are brand new for the 2011 calendar year.  The bike, called the Surly Troll, is supposedly rolling out to shops nationwide as we speak and is a beast of a bike.  It is a utility bike that is clearly built for Minnesota winters, think of it as a much more maneuverable Pugsley, with a lot less rolling resistance.  What is especially intriguing to us is the clearance this frame has for both front and rear tires and fenders.  After we struggled to fit 26 x 2.0 knobby tires and fenders to a standard mountain bike frame, seeing the Troll easily fit SKS P65 fenders with 26 x 2.4 WTB Mutanoraptors, is nothing short of amazing.

The hot little number attached to the Troll is the result of what appears to be a few years of trailer experimentation at the Surly labs.  “Ted”, as they have unofficially dubbed it, is what you see pictured above and is the shorter version – or Danny DeVito – of twin trailers that they are now offering. This is Surly’s first move into the trailer world and it is pretty much what you would expect from them.  Being able to handle 300 pounds is no small feat, but keeping it stable as you ride is due to the very low center of gravity that they have achieved.  The trailer does not come with a platform and the wheels are exposed to the cargo, but the thing has more braze-ons than a Rivendell tandem frame (if that existed) so it should be interesting to see what people will come up with.  This year’s model will fit on pretty much every bike frame and wheel combination that you can think of, except a bike running Large Marge or Rolling Darryl wheelsets.  Hopefully in future builds this can be accommodated so that you can hook one of these to a Pugsley for the winter cargo bike equivalent to the Hummer.  They don’t expect to start shipping the trailers to stores until sometime if February, but we will let you know when that happens.

Until you get your hands on one later this year, head over the their blog and check it out, just remember to keep your drool off of the keyboard.

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