KSTP Covers Clean Saint Paul Bike Lanes

Imagine our surprise when we turned on the news Tuesday night and saw this piece from KSTP on the plowing of Saint Paul bike lanes, during winter.

The best quote from the report comes from reporter Bob McNaney who mentions that “normally this time of year if you see a bike lane or a bike route sign like this one, well, you pretty much disregard it.” While the lack of winter plowing in the City of Minneapolis takes this sentiment to heart, Saint Paul has decided to do something about it.

The City of Saint Paul Department of Public works has made a commitment to cyclists to plow curb-to-curb on the Marshall Ave bike lanes, which stretch from Snelling to the Mississippi River.  Twice a week, one side of the street is marked no parking so that the plows can do their work.

While this is currently in the “testing phase” we hope that this can continue and expand for many winters to come.  Hopefully it is successful enough that they can convince the city across the river to at least attempt to keep the bike lanes clean.

Check out their story here, but a warning in advance, reading the comments below the story might make you angry.

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