Greenway Viewed as #1 Federal Investment in Cycling

This came out a little bit ago, but it is new to us! National bicycle advocacy organization Bike Belong, named the Midtown Greenway, the #1 Federal investment in cycling in the United States.

I am not quite sure what criteria they are using to base this ranking on, but anything that brings good publicity to the cycling community of the Twin Cities is ok with me.  Before looking at this, I had no idea how much federal support it took to get this in place.  We should keep in mind that with the current climate for funding at both the state and national levels, we really should appreciate what we have, because, we might not get anything new for a long time.

Funding sources;

– $7.5 Million in Transportation Enhancement grants.

– $3 Million congressional earmark for bridge.

-$10 Million from state and local sources.

– $10,000 advocacy grant from Bikes Belong

One question lingers, is the bicycle community of the Twin Cities thriving in part because of the Greenway, or is Greenway use only so prevalent because the community was in place first?  Either way, we are happy we are here.

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