Weekend Event Re-cap [Part II: Ice Race Results]


Two events in one winter day, can’t beat that.  Be sure to check out Part I of our weekend review, the art showing at the Angry Catfish Saturday night.

Saturday morning, we headed out to the southern tip of Lake Minnetonka to take in some winter bike racing.  Ice Race is the first of three different races (race 2, race 3) that will be hosted on lakes around the Twin Cities this winter.

This was our first time seeing a race on ice, and we found it pretty entertaining, although the team from Hollywood Cycles dominated from wire-to-wire.  In the Hardcore men and Hardcore women categories everyone was racing either a mountain bike or a modified ‘cross bike, with several Surly Pugsley’s showing up in the Errrverybody Else categories. Before arriving we would have assumed that Pugsley’s would have been a good bet, but after seeing the tight turning radius required for several parts of the course, it might have been a little too much bike.

Overall this was a great event, and we will definitely be attending some more, maybe even riding, after all, there is still time to register.

We will post some pictures and video in a few minutes.

Results from Excel Cycle;

Hardcore Men:

1. Hollywood
2. Chucker
3. Sam Beveridge
4. John Shirley
5. Dave Pramann
6. Joe Grinell
7. Josh Peterson
8. Ed Hedblom
9. Mick Lovin
10. Ben Johnson

Hardcore Women:

1. Kristi Olson
2. Kristy Henderson

Errrverybody Else Men:

1. Kent Smith
2. Ted Siefkes
3. Verlon Langland
4. Shad Holland
5. Mike Loerzel
6. Tim Hieb (Tim, Mike, we may have flip-flopped your places, sorry!)
7. Chris Graham
8. Donald MacNay
9. James Ford
10. Paul Thorsgaard
11. Larry Marx

Errrverybody Else Women:

1. Christi Jenc
2. Jessica Redenius
3. Amy Campbell

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