Weekend Event Re-cap [Part I]

Outside the Catfish

How did you spend your weekend?  It was pretty chilly so we can’t blame you for staying in the house and watching football.  The only thing that got us outside, was cycling events, and we sure enjoyed those!

On Saturday evening we stopped by The Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Bar and checked out the art show that they were hosting.

Even when they aren’t having a special event The Catfish is very much like an art gallery for bicycles, so as you can imagine, this showing did not seem out-of-place.  The bicycles and merchandise had been all pushed to be back of the store, to make room for mingling, coffee, and a little bit of alcohol.  In true bike shop fashion there were still a few folks behind the counter wrenching, and we spied a Dahon folding bike up in the stand.

Not surprisingly our favorite art of the exhibit were the photo prints by Ellie Kingsbury. Her pictures were a tribute to winter commuters, and we enjoyed seeing the faces and cycles of our fellow riders.  Be sure to follow the link and check out some of the pictures in her portfolio.

Thanks for the great time fellas!

Next up Ice Race on Minnetonka……

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One Response to Weekend Event Re-cap [Part I]

  1. Hey what a huge compliment to have you comment on my work. Thanks a million! This website takes viewers to winter bikers more succinctly: http://elliekingsbury.com/EllieKingsbury/Wheresoever.html

    just in case people are curious. Also I’m still looking for more models, and am now asking for people who can do some movement shots for me (pedaling, zooming past, skidding to a stop, etc.) Thanks again!

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