Chiang Mai Thai Bike Delivery

When it come to the world of bicycle delivery, the guys and ladies in red and black seem to get all the attention.  But there are lots of businesses out there making delivery by bicycle.  For instance, did you know that if you live in the Uptown area you can get Thai food delivered by bike?  Neither did I, until I talked with Jean-Paul Beaulieu.

Jean-Paul told us that he had been a server/bartender at Chiang Mai Thai for over 7 years and they were looking for a cost-efficient way to expand the business and bring more spicy goodness to the neighborhood.  He said they wanted to avoid doing anything that can contribute to pollution, and even small electric cars, contribute to green house gas emissions, so the natural answer was bicycle delivery.

The issue was how to transport the food.  Thai food, while delicious is not exactly portable, a sandwich or honey can be stacked and stored any way that you want, Thai would be a bit messy in a messenger bag.

The Burley Cargo trailer was the answer (see picture below).  Jean-Paul and the rest of the delivery team pull a big insulated hot box through the neighborhoods of Uptown, Kenwood, and Lowry hill, virtually everyday until 9 pm in the winter and 10pm the rest of the year.

On the issue of riding in winter Jean-Paul said;

“Our biggest challenge has been the ice on the roads.  Sometimes no matter how badly we and our customers want to make delivery happen, the ice won’t let us.”

The Chiang Mai Thai delivery team consists of 4 active delivery riders; Jean-Paul, Sean Cook, Sam Hulin, Brian Britz, and 2 alternates; Joe Price and Rik Lam.  If you want to meet one of these bad-asses in person, just place an order.

We tip our helmet to you folks, I’d rather be eating Thai than delivering it, during the winter at least.

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