All-City Announces New Bike

When I ride my bike, my main goal is avoiding stationary objects.  Stairs, railings, curbs and walls, are all on a strict no contact list. It is a little bit different for those that consider themselves freestyle riders.

These folks, sometimes riding BMX bikes, sometimes on full size fixed gears see everything on the street as a potential prop for the next trick.  If you consider yourself a member of the FGFS crowd (that is Fixed Gear FreeStyle) it is time to get stoked. Minneapolis company All-City has just released their new bike, the Def Wish designed specifically for you.

The announcement came Wednesday via the All-City Blog and also on CTC favorite Bike Jerks.

What makes this bike design different from normal Fixed Gear bikes?  From their website;

“It’s got a mid BB, 14mm dropouts, 45/45 internal headset, no u-brake mounts, and improved geometry.  We’ve also redesigned the headtube, gussets, rear end, and given it larger overall tubing diameters.  The crown jewel of this beast though, is that it fits a 29’er tire slammed without the need for dramatic dimples on the chainstays.”

You can follow one of the links above to see more info, ordering info (it should be available in March for $360) and to see video of people using the frame as it was intended.

I like All-City, they have targeted a specific market, and genuinely determined to improve the equipment available to these folks, besides they sell the sweetest cycling cap out there.

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