Peacock Groove: Minneapolis Bicycle Manufacturer

The 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is coming up at the end of next month down in Austin, Texas (what do we have to do to get that here?).

With that in mind I thought that we could spend some time looking at some of the specialty frame builders here in the Twin Cities (incase you are wondering, there are lots).

Peacock Groove is a bicycle frame builder in the Minneapolis area.  Erik Noren is the owner of Peacock Groove and got his start at Croll Cycles (Twin Cities frame builder).  I recently came across a few different articles that showcase Erik’s background and current operations.  An article from Urban Velo gives you a photo tour of his workshop, and Erik himself, has a short auto-biography posted over on Velocipede Salon forum.  Here is an excerpt;

“But, why do I build?

Because the juice is worth the squeeze . Because life’s view from the saddle is great. Because I am alive. Because I want to. Because I NEED to.Helping people live dreams is important in this world.”

Have someone in the Twin Cities cycling scene that you want to see profiled?  Contact us and we will do what we can.

Update; Edited for language.

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