Grass Track Racing in Blaine This Sunday

The European bicycle racing scene is a little bit different from what we have here in the states.  For one thing huge crowds show up for most events and scream at the top of their lungs.  Another difference is that they will race on anything and in any variation, including a short track criterium, on grass.

The National Sports Center in Blaine is offering you an opportunity to see that unique style of racing here at home with a series of indoor grass (turf) criterium events starting this Sunday, January 16th.  Racing starts at 9:20 pm and runs until 11:00 featuring six different races, including; scratch, points and snowball style racing.

But as long as you are making the trek out to Blaine anyway, why not bring your bike and get in on the racing action?  We are still several months away from the outdoor track re-opening so get some work in.  They will be giving away cash and merchandise prizes to race winners and no USAC cycling license is necessary to race.  For more information and registration head on over to their website.

In the mean time check out some grass racing action below;

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