Outride Zombies at the Hub Spin Class

Not to be outdone by The Firm, reviewed by Molly yesterday, everybody’s favorite Twin

Picture by; Eric Bartholomew

Cities Bicycle Co-op The Hub is offering spin classes beginning tonight.

You can read the announcement from their website below, but really, you only need to know one thing; Thursday nights, Zombie Interval Training version 2, or Z.I.T. v2.  Don’t worry if you get spit the back of the peleton and the zombies get you, according to Johan you don’t need a brain to work in cycling!

Starting Tuesday, January the 11th, the Hub Bike Coop’s winter spin training will resume at the Hub’s 3020 Minnehaha Ave. South location.

We are offering spin training two nights a week at 7:30PM.

Tuesday nights, we will be suffering to performance training videos. On the 11th, we will be watching “Cyclops Race Day”. In this video, we will be riding with coach Robbie Ventura in an Elite level National criterium, via a POV camera. Experience
the strategy, the failure, and the effort required to climb back to the top. This video is thrilling to watch and uber motivating.

On Thursday nights, we will be Zombie Interval Training version 2, or Z.I.T. v2. Z.I.T. v2 involves watching movies from the extensive zombie genre and cranking up the RPMs when ever the still living on the screen are running from or fighting with zombies.  Based on feedback from the last season of Z.I.T., version 2 will include a bit more coaching to guarantee a good workout and to ensuring participant’s RPMs are matching the intensity of the film’s brain hungry undead. We will begin, January 13th , training to outrun undead Nazis, by watching an Official Selection from the 2009 Sundance film festival, “Dead Snow”.

Dead Snow trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-KQh87_V2Q

We will have 12 trainers available for attendees to use with your own bike, and 8 storage spots for spinning bikes. Call the Hub to reserve your space 612-729-0437.  If you are not at the Hub at 7pm the night of your class your reserved spot will be forfeited to Spinees who are waiting. Please bring your own trainer, if you own one, so more people can participate.

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