Local Honey Delivered By Bike? That’d Be the Beez Kneez

Twin Cities Cyclist Profile; Kristy Lynn Allen (The Beez Kneez)
As we mentioned yesterday, here at CTC we are working on making the Twin Cities bike community closer. Part of that process is getting to know the people that ride.  From the time we first heard about Kristy Lynn Allen (Beez Kneez) we were intrigued. Many of you may have seen the story on Kristy in the City Pages last week. Delivering locally sourced honey by bike? Awesome, but we wanted to know more so we sat down (virtually) with Kristy and got up in her beeswax;
How long have you been delivering by bicycle?
I started delivering on Halloween, 2010…I thought it would be a great day to dress up like a bee and hand out sweet stuff to promote. hehehehe.
We have seen that sweet custom yellow and black delivery bike, what’s under that paint? 

Kristy Mounting the Bianchi


My San Jose, Bianchi.
Sweet ride, which came first the bee bike or the idea for the delivery business?
The Beez Kneez came from the need to paint my San Jose, Bianchi after riding it for a few winters the paint was chipping and I needed to cover the rust spots before this winter.  At the same time, my uncle the beekeeper whom I have been working with for the past two years on his bee ranch asked if I wanted to sell his honey in Mpls.  I had an epiphany about painting my bike to resemble a bee and deliver honey around the city.  Things sort of came together and before I knew it, I had started a beezniss.
Any other bikes in the stable… or should I say hive?
I use it [the San Jose] more in the nicer weather months for deliveries and will be using it to haul the “honey buggy”, my bike trailer that is in process of being built by a local welder/artist.  I plan to use the trailer for farmers markets in the summer but first I need to build a new back wheel in order to have gears.  I have a friend who said he would help me with an internal three-speed back hub.  More so in the winter months, I have been riding a Bianchi XS Sport from the late eighties equipped with yellow and black ortlieb saddle bags.
Wow, can’t wait to see the “honey buggy”, do you have a favorite local bike shop?

I really like the Hub coop on Minnehaha.  They were very helpful in getting the bee bike ready and they are very friendly and welcoming.


Most bees choose to hibernate during the winter, but we hear you ride year round, any winter riding tips for the readers?
I do bike and deliver all year round and my winter tip is socks are key to happiness.  I have no problem spending good money on a pair of socks.  Oh and the underlayer is very important.  Make sure you don’t wear so much close that you will sweat and get your clothes wet..it makes for a very uncomfortable ride.
Any thing else for our readers?
I really like the bike community in Mpls and the camaraderie. Riding a bike puts you into a subculture and a club of sorts that people in cars will never understand.  That being said, as bikers we must respect drivers and be on the offensive and always think like a driver when biking in traffic.  They are not going anywhere.


Thanks Kristy!  Do you have someone in the community that you would like to see profiled? Let us know.  Also don’t forget to submit!


Phone: 612.990.9770
Email: kristy@thebeezkneezdelivery.com

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  4. Jen says:

    Can you please tag this as “bike delivery”? I was able to find the interview again through one of the winter commuter articles, but it’s not in the delivery category yet. Thanks!

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